Why Zaq Dayton?

He has years of experience in the industry. He's survived work in Russia, Ukraine, Silicon Valley and Texas. He's seen things nobody else has seen. His mind is wired a bit differently (somewhere between fluent English and professional-level Russian). He's not just a designer. He's not just a developer. He does everything when it comes to web design and development. There are no gaps. They're all covered. Zaq has you covered. You don't have to worry anymore.

Web Development

There isn't a web development job that's too hard for Zaq to figure out. He basically dreams in coding languages. Plus, he's easy to work with and will explain how the Internet works without being too SASS-y. Zaq isn't afraid to <div>e down into things and GIT his hands dirty.

UX Design

About a decade ago, every company was rushing to get a website up and running. They wanted an online presence, because their competition had one. Now, we deal with the fallout. Those rushed and half-assed websites need a makeover. UX is a thing because you have a site, but how do you make it better? Leave that to Zaq.

Graphic Design

Yeah, you could hire someone from 99 Designs, but what you're going to get is some college intern who learned Photoshop and Illustrator in an art elective over the summer a semester ago. The truth is, they just don't have the skills. Zaq has the experience, chops, and creativity you need.

App Development

Everybody has an idea for an app. Maybe they're not all the "greatest" ideas, but I'm sure yours is a million dollars! I guessing the hurdle you're facing right now is how do you start building it? Zaq has you covered with designs, UX, and the programming needed for that iPhone of yours (he'll get it done "Swift-ly").


I bet you have this idea in your head. You know what you want your logo to look like, or maybe your menus, or maybe your shirts, or maybe all-of-the-above. Zaq has experience branding dozens of companies and organizations. He can translate your ideas onto paper. Focus on your business, and let him focus on your designs.


Zaq portfolio showcases an arsenal of items that are "Made in the USA" (and some "Made in Russia"). Don't report him please (he has ties with Russia).

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