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UI/UX Designer

Aptitude By Zaq Dayton

As a UI/UX Designer at aptitude, LLC. I had many roles, and completed tasks which utilized a wide spectrum of skillsets. I created graphics, prototypes, mockups, emails, and more. The team at aptitude worked tremendously at this start-up to create a web application that served as a direct contract marketing platform between medical suppliers and hospitals. (The piece served as a giant backdrop at our trade shows in various cities across the country).

Not only did I design mockups and email, but I also developed marketing emails, as well as email notifications within the application itself. This is one email design to inform clients and prospects about aptitude's success without seeing boring old text and sending it straight to the trashcan.

My primary role at aptitude was to create high-fidelity mockups based off user research and wireframes under strenuous deadlines. The images to the right illustrate just a few pages I touched at aptitude. The login page was very outdated and we were in need of some strong branding efforts. This page is the first thing the user sees and interacts with. With that said, we would like him or her have a good first impression that really puts our brand right up-front.

My job did not just end at basic wireframes and mockups, but we redesigned aptitude's entire sitewide navigation based off of user paths and workflows within our application. The goal was to create a navigation system that was very scalable down-the-road, as our previous sitewide navigation could not keep up with the growth of our application.

Aptitude's web application isn't just a simple website, but yet an entire platform where hospitals and suppliers monitor contracts, receive bids, measure contract compliance and much more. As a result, our webpages are designed to make a tremendous amount of data easy to view without it being too overwhelming. Each and every page was created over weeks and weeks of strenuous research during the design process in order to make sure we met every requirement in our Agile work environment.

Web Development, UX Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Print Design
Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SASS, GIT
Aptitude Convention Backdrop
Aptitude Bumper Sticker
Aptitude Email Template
Aptitude Login Page
Aptitude Page Mockup
Aptitude Site and Navigation Redesign
Aptitude 2 Year Anniversary Logo