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Daily Dash App

Designer and Developer

Daily Dash App By Zaq Dayton

During my time at UT Arlington, I was enrolled in a course titled Multimodal Communication and Design. In this course, we were assigned to groups and created smart phone applications. Our group decided to create a Cydia tweak for jail broken iPhones called Daily Dash. Within the first two weeks, we had over 3,000 downloads, and that number continues to increase.

Originally, we wanted an app that had all of your morning essentials on your homescreen which would have been primarily focusing on weather, hence the first set of logos shown to the right. However, this has been done before and we decided to take a different route and approach. Nowadays, many individuals on social media tend to utilize hashtags. These hashtags aid in illustrating what is currently trending online. After intensive research, we observed that there were no trending hashtag applications. Our tweak would take the user's location data and detect what is trending in his or her area. We did this using a third-party's API to update the tweak in real-time. The app is aesthetically sleek and does not affect current pop-up notifications pushed by the iPhone's OS. Therefore, it can run without altering the phone's intended user experience. In addition, our team created a website for the Daily Dash App.

University of Texas at Arlington
App Development, Web Development, UX Design, Graphic Design, Branding
Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP
Daily Dash App
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