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Dikij Filin

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Dikij Filin By Zaq Dayton

In 2014, I interned remotely as a graphic designer for a creative boutique located in Ekaterinburg, Russia. The firm's name is called "Dikij Filin," which translates to "Wild Owl" in English. With that said, the firm tends to utilize this "Filin" (owl) character quite often. He is basically the mascot of the company. My first task was to create a character that symbolized America and exhibited the two characters getting along, which illustrated myself joining the Dikij Filin team. I decided to use the bald eagle as my character, as it is our national bird. In the first illustration, it demonstrated the two birds sharing food at dinner. Because this took place right before the FIFA World Cup, the second example represented our two countries celebrating soccer together and befriending one another.

Another assignment for the firm was to do something interesting with its Facebook page. It would illustrate a creative approach to use the cover photo and profile picture together, rather than two separate entities. Both utilized the company's logo and its mascot in the firm's particular style.

As a part of a separate assignment, Dikij Filin instructed me to create alluring shirts in order to promote its firm. The company wanted them to be aesthetically pleasing, meaning anyone could wear them and may want to buy them based on their design, rather than wearing the t-shirt to promote some brand.

Dikij Filin (Дикий Филин)
Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding
Photoshop, Illustrator
Дикий Филин Баннер Фэйсбука
Дикий Филин Баннер Фэйсбука
Дикий Филин на ужине
Дикий Филин на футболном матче
Дикий Филин футболка 1
Дикий Филин майка
Дикий Филин футболка 2
Дикий Филин футболка 3