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Homefort Branding

Graphic Designer

Homefront Branding By Zaq Dayton

Home Fort is a funiture company that is based out of Ekaterinburg, Russia, a client I worked for while interning with Dikij Filin. The company was essentially two separate entities that wanted to be combined as one. Dikij Filin came up with the name "Home Fort" as a play on words with the English word "comfort." (Hint: It makes sense if you say it with a Russian accent) The establishment wanted the logo the be in Latin characters, instead of the Cyrillic alphabet. These are a few logos that I created for this company, primarily utilizing the letters "H" and "F," after viewing the creative brief.

Homefort, Dikij Filin (Дикий Филин)
Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding
Photoshop, Illustrator
Homefort Logo 1
Homefort Logo 2
Homefort Logo 3
Homefort Logo 4
Homefort Logo 5