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Throughout the duration of my years studying at The University of Texas at Arlington, I took the initiative to brand myself. My name is unique and ideal for SEO purposes as well. I aspired to capitalize on this. With that said, I wanted to insert my initials into my logo and brand identity. There were many ideas thrown around, and they were narrowed down to two. The first being "3D" with the "3" representing the number, as in 3-D, as well as the cursive form of the letter "Z." The second was creating a logo which utilized both the "Z" and "D" that created an image or icon of some sort.

I finally came to the decision to construct my initials into a pencil. It was done to signify that I do some sort of design work to aid in my branding efforts, because a logo should illustrate the nature of the product or service it represents. However, I gradually understood that the logo could be simplified even more than its original design.

The previous logo was too busy for my taste, and I desired to take a "flatter" approach. The improved logo is simpler, yet still portrays its original message I strived to create in my previous logo. The new logo utilizes only four components (the lead, wood, body, and eraser), rather than seven pieces. After the renovation of my logo, I also redesigned my business cards, résumé, and website accordingly, in order to synergize my branding efforts and make them more seamless.

When revamping my previous personal portfolio website, I decided to start over from scratch. I initiated the process by wireframing and creating mockups for the mobile version first with an appropriate color palette for my brand. My goal was to organize my portfolio by project, rather than each piece (as it was previously organized as). There were many steps taken during each project, thus, resulting in a multitude of individual pieces associated with said project. In addition, explanations and steps executed when creating each work were crucial as well. Therefore, I needed a way to organize everything in a manner that made sense and was convenient for the viewer.

The next step in the UX mockup process was to code outward to a desktop version, which mimicked my responsive mobile app design. The site, being a personal portfolio, is more convenient to view on a desktop, but I wanted viewers to still have a nice experience on a mobile device as well due to society's proximity and easy access to its cell phones.

The next task was to create a pop-up modal for both the mobile and desktop versions of my site to showcase my projects and give the viewer an adequate description of the creative process behind the samples of my work. Utilizing Javascript and jQuery, I constructed a lightbox modal for each project that was user-friendly and convenient for the viewer. This way it was easier for the viewer to open a project, close it and return to the original site to move onto the next project without it being much of a hassle.

In 2017, I also took the initiative to recreate my personal website from scratch. You're looking at it now ;)

Zaq Dayton
Web Development, UX Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Print Design
Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Axure, After Effects
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SASS, Less, GIT, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP
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